Show them how good you are.
Show them how good you are.
I am Joann Vu.

Proudly here since 2010'. Although I've been inactive since 2011 or 2012, but I'm back I swear i luv u all

THIS BLOG IS NOT SPOILER FREE SO BEWARE PLEASE I blog about The Hunger Games if you can't tell already, and maybe some Harry Potter because who doesn't love them some Harry Potter And occasionally Frozen or Rise of the Guardians

{ wear }
P.S Please do not mind if you see a little Harry Potter creeping around my blog!

District 4!

Bowl(s) of soup

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Please don’t mind my horrid singing:S….

P.s, yes I am aware I said curl up to this lullaby when it is actually hold on to this lullaby. Some other version on youtube said in the vid curl up to this, and I just accidentally said it in the video! I just didn’t want to torture myself and sing the song all over again. :)

Sorry, I’m no good singing high notes. I cannot sing ti. But I tried (; I’m more of a Sew and lower singer…………